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A little about Sheepdog Smokey. First off, no, I am not one of a set of triplets, I just really enjoy photography and my greenscreen. Moving on, I am, quite simply, the epitome of a jack of all trades and a master of none. Having graduated High School in 1995, I went to college as my parents wished, but within a week, stopped attending classes, and amazingly enough, I failed out, and didn't care. Within about two months, I was managing a photo lab, making good money, had a new truck, pager (yes, I'm old,) and a credit card. Fast forward a few years, and I was no longer working that good job, and had to work extra hard to just pay my bills.

 This would set the tone for my life for the next almost decade. It wasn't until 2004, when I was laid off from a rather good job due to a reduction in force and corporate move, that I was able to return to school, something I'd wanted to do for many years, but just could not afford the time off or expense, but that had now changed.  I registered for classes, went every day, and though I started with an actual 0.00 GPA, rather than "no GPA" as Freshmen start off with, well, 12 semesters and 3 institutions later, I would graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in History with a 3.75, something my Advisor told me was rather impressive.

That brings us to current day, I am working full time in IT end user support, while also periodically posting videos to YouTube or watching and reacting on TikTok as SheepdogSmokey.  I honestly never saw myself even joining TikTok, but in January, working alone in my office due to my ISP being horribly unreliable, I joined so I could comment on videos I found funny or interesting.  Just weeks later, having openly stated I am Conservative, support President Trump fully, and am unashamed of my Christian faith, my account absolutely exploded, going from I believe agbout 30 followers at the time to over 9200 today (8 April 2021).

Unlike many of my peers, having moved home to return to college in my late 20's, I grew very close to my parents as an adult.  In the late 2000's my parents, nephew, and I moved to a smaller home, which my Father and I built, and just a few years later, I purchased a pre-fabricated building to go on their land, so I could remain close to them to help where they needed.  I am in fact still working on the building, turning it into a home, as I am working cash, due to both being unable to take out a loan and take the time off to just finish it, and also not wanting to take on more debt for this project.

I do, however, have two Give Send Go campaigns, one for my parents to help them repair a couple of things and put in a better quality driveway (this is the priority for me too) and an older one that I just haven't canceled in case anyone wishes to help with my home.

I don't consider myself a YouTuber, TikToker or Influencer in any way.  I think of myself as a Teacher, as that is what I went to college to become, what I gained certification for, and unfortunately, what I found I would almost never become as I not only do not coach, meaning I'm not a part time teacher, but I also refuse to teach revisionist history.  So, I started those campaigns, thinking if I ever did gain an audience, it "wouldn't hurt" to have a tip jar you know?

Too often today, I see people told they may not speak, for fear it would offend someone, and I am reminded of my childhood, where I heard people speak their minds, and if they said something offensive, they were confronted.  During middle and high school, I saw and experienced the same, and learned from these encounters, only to see, just 25 years later, my country devolve into one where people are silenced because others aren't mature enough to accept that everyone isn't like them.

That is the point of this website, my videos on YouTube and TikTok, until they ban me as Twitter and Facebook have.  I'm not trying to offend or upset anyone, I'm trying to educate and enlighten everyone I can.  Virtually every video on YouTube I've posted ends with an admonishment to remain civil, but in no way do I say comments must agree with me.

Personally, I welcome disagreement and dissent, as when there is civil disagreement or civil dissent, both sides must present proof, argue their beliefs, back up their stance, and in virtually all cases, end up learning from the other person, or at least from having to do research.

I want to thank everyone who visits for reading or watching my content, anyone who feels they wish to leave a tip or otherwise donate, know that I am eternally grateful.  I personally don't see this ever becoming a "full time job," rather remaining just something I do when I'm not clocked in at my regular job.  But who knows, God has plans for us all, right?