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To open, I know that this website is rather basic, simple text on a screen. I do not, personally, have the time at the moment, to devote to developing one which, honestly, is simply here to be an introduction to those who are curious, or to direct them to a page which explains what I am interested in regarding business partnerships. Ultimately, yes, I will be re-writing these pages, making them more visibly appealing, but as I am occupied with finishing the construction on my home, aiding my parents with several things, and my full time job, I simply ask that anyone visiting this page indulge me as I have to prioritize things in my life, thank you.

I am Sheepdog Smokey, a former firefighter, history geek, certified Social Sciences teacher, and IT support professional.  Like many people in 2020, lockdowns and workign remotely led to downloading apps like TikTok, Clapper, and spending more time online in general.  I have been posting to YouTube for well roughly two to two and a half years, at first reactions to news, then moving to American History, before work and life got in the way.

This page is to not only introduce myself, but also lay out what I hope to accomplish with my presence online.  On TikTok, while I do post some original content, I am primarily someone who, when not participating in a "don't react" challenge, or blind reacting to something, I am replying to comments or someone else's video.  If you didn't find this page from TikTok, I am SheepdogSmokey2.0 there, while on Clapper I am Sheepdog_Smokey, on Twitter I am Chef_SDSmokey, and on Highnotes and Instagram, I'm just SheepdogSmokey.

At heart, I am an educator, as I not only have a passion and drive to study history and the other social sciences, but also to pass on what I learn.  Unfortunately, as I do not also coach a sport, schools will not hire me.  To my mind, this defeats the purpose of having someone teacher, splitting their time and focus, but I can't change that.  With that in mind, this leaves me to simply put my opinions and such online, for anyone to view, and possibly in the future, become a traveling speaker.  Personally, I believe the latter may offer a better opportunity to actually teach, as it wouldn't be restricted under a syllabus or required curriculum.

As a former firefighter, I also have a drive to help people, not only first hand as I did while on my VFD, but also through education, such as how even a cool day can turn a car into an oven, or that if you have a pool your attention cannot slip.  Firefighters, Police Officers, EMS professionals, Military service men and women, and many others also have a lot of times when the world just seems to crash in on them.  While there are many groups working to help, I also wish to, and a good portion of what I discuss will pertain to that as well, as it also concerns psychology and sociology, which are part of the social sciences.

All of this said, as I am a rather conservative person, politically and socially, social media and I just don't get along.  TikTok has shadow-banned me many times, removed people from following me, and more.  Clapper is a small platform, but growing, and of course, YouTube can't stand me because I won't knuckle under and just comply wiht the DNC's demands that I praise globalist wannabe tyrants.  Lucky for me, I rather enjoy watching those groups get more and more more upset each day as more people walk away from their mantra of "you're a horrible person, but if you obey me, you'll not be as horrible, now obey me" and they can't understand why people do it.

So, why do I do it?  Simply put, it's now the best way to connect with people.  TikTok has actually allowed me to make friends more than just both of us following the other.  Clapper offers a private chat for my followers, and I maintain a discord.  I won't sign up for TikTok's monetezation, and YouTube won't offer me theirs, so I just moved on.  I have an Online Tip Jar, Patreon, a shirt design, and as I wish to help my parents, a campaign for that as well.  Anyone who has been following me a while, also knows I like to goof around with ringtones, and TikTok has proven an amazing resource to find audio to use, those are posted under TikTok Tones, and of course, I have a wordpress section where I allow my stream of consciousness to simply flow, The Blog.

I will never promise that I won't offend or upset you, as I can almost guarantee I will, but I can promise I won't set out to do so on purpose.  I can promise that at some point, you and I will disagree on at least something, if not many things, but in both cases, as long as we remain civil, logical, and hold the base respect all people deserve, we can discuss anything, and when you do that, you will find you can come to some resolution where others cannot.

May God bless you and keep you, and may His hand once again rest on the USA.