The “dinner dictator.”

Just a short one for tonight, but Dominos latest commercial isn’t just a cute way to show they have more than pizza, but actually shows a huge problem in society today. To sum up, a mother is about to order Dominos, when a teen says “no, I want salad, so we’re getting salad, right?” Smiling all the time, this teen is portrayed as a dictator, meaning that she’s not told no. I’m only 39, but had I done this as a teen, I not only would have been told no, but would have been sent to bed early without dinner. What a sad world we live in when teens believe they can boss their parents around, but what do you expect from a world where children sue their parents or report them for “abuse” such as having to eat vegetables, or do chores, or the like.

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Time for a rant, and just in time for the 90 minute rant vs counter-rant on TV tonight!

I’ve not posted in a while, mostly because it seems that no matter what day or week it is, the news is the same every day. This group is racist, that group is being held down because they can’t make as much as a burger flipper as an engineer, or some other BS is under a banner headline.

A prime example of this is how the media either focuses on or hides the race of an officer who is involved in a shooting, but only when the person shot is black. They ignore the fact that black men, while still a minority in most places, commit most of the crime, and are responsible for a VAST majority of the violence against other black people. They ignore that in virtually all cases, the person shot had a firearm, was not obeying lawful orders, and in many cases, was shot to prevent them shooting someone else. But let’s not let pesky little things like facts get in the way, after all, since all white people are racist, it’s only natural that black men would be inclined to brandish a weapon at them, call them horrible things, and try to kill them, and defending yourself just proves you’re a vile bigot who deserves to die.

On the other side of this issue, as a city is destroyed by riots, suggesting that those who are rioting hate white people is apparently worse than the actual riots. Nevermind that the very people burning and looting have called all white people f&&&ing devils, and have called for people to be attacked and/or killed, simple because they’re white, to actually say that they hate white people (thus pointing out that the people playing the race card are in fact racist,) is just wrong, and means you should quit your job, but keep giving money to the “poor downtrodden masses” (who will hate you, attack you and worse) since you’re a vile racist.

While American cities burn, and anyone who dares not support the “enlightened and wonderful vision the DNC has for America” is all but crucified, Hillary is worried about looking smaller than Trump, so has a special podium for the debate tonight. Now, I’ll give this one a chance to be satire, but I’m not holding out much hope. Hillary has shown time and again she cares nothing for anyone but herself. She’s watched as Bill groped and worse, sat idle as Americans died, then asked “what difference does it make” when confronted, broken the law (the e-mail thing,) and she’s still living the high life, while telling people barely able to buy groceries about how horrible we are for not wanting to let her take more of our money.

Moving on to international news, it seems that sexual assaults have doubled at Oktoberfest this year. Now, rather than accepting that it’s because Germany imported MASSIVE numbers of “refugees” that amazingly aren’t all women an children, they’re saying it’s because people are reporting what they see more often, not because the “refugees” are rapists and worse.

Next, two from Clients from Hell. First, this gem is just amazing in that it’s adults and not kindergarten students. Now, I’ll be the first to say that CFH is a weekly reminder of why I’m so glad I’m no longer in photography or web design as a profession. This one, though, is a very common thing today. The client provided all the instructions, then when they complain, it’s pointed out that they picked everything they don’t like. So, when it’s pointed out that if they don’t like what they picked, they just pick something else, it’s still somehow the contractor’s fault, so they can tell them “I don’t like you” or worse.

Just like the one above, we have another great example of the “I’m always right” mindset. Simply put, the client contacts a translator for translation into two languages. They’re told it’s $1000 for one language or $1800 for both, to which they reply, several times, asking how much for both. When the translator gives the same answer, they’re still not polite, but ask for the work to be done, in under 24 hours, to which they’re told it can’t be done. They come back well after that deadline is gone and offer an insultingly low rate for the work, and are told no again. They try the “you’re losing money” bit, but are told no. Finally, they find someone willing to work for their low offer, and the results are horrible, as the “translator” just used Google Translate. When they come back demanding the first translator fix it, and are told no, well, I won’t spoil it totally, but I can easily see this person suing a bakery for not taking their money, as we’ve seen before.

These always piss me off a little, as if you asked them why they aren’t offended for the guy, they attack you for being sexist. Eve said she didn’t feel exploited by the scene, but that’s just a cue for the SJW’s to say she’s “brainwashed” or the like, but they’re silent when a man is nude on camera, and if you dare point out their blatant hypocrisy, well, you’re a sexist and thus, open to be assaulted and you can’t fight back or walk away, or you’re “denying their rights.”

Simple question here, why wasn’t the United Way sued for wrongful death when their stunt caused the death of two people? I’m actually very curious, as the CG stated the balloons were why they had to stop, and they know who released them.


These are just sad. First, an octopus has predicted sports, apparently, with 100% accuracy, so when fans hear it predicted their team won’t win, they threaten to kill it? How sad their lives must be.

The second just shows how far we’ve gone on the path to hell, a man killed someone not directly responsible for his family dying, and goes home as a hero? I’m sorry for his loss, and I understand being angry, but he committed cold blooded murder, and was thus, given a high position in his government? Sorry, but no, he should be given the death penalty. But, this is also a world where people actually believe having to defend your life with deadly force is the same as murder (yes, people do,) I’m not shocked. I’ve actually heard people say they’d “rather watch their children raped and murdered than to disappoint them by becoming a murderer just to save their lives.” Yes, they believe it’s better to let someone RAPE, TORTURE AND KILL A CHILD, than to use a gun. And sadly, these are the people who right now, are a majority in many states, and influencing laws. WHEN something happens, they’ll either sue the police for not having teleportation abilities, and thus “being too late,” or the person who saves them, for “bringing a deadly weapon into their home.” It’s only a matter of time before we have entire sections of cities where police won’t go, and where crime is worse the slums of NYC during prohibition, and they’ll bemoan the “evil gun nuts aren’t willing to let them ban guns, so the criminals still have guns.” If you don’t believe me, look up some of our elected officals’ quotes, they actually believe that if the legal gun owners would just give up their guns, the criminals would stop.

While I’m glad people are getting this message out, it’s being misused. Students are now reporting “harassment” when they see Trump 2016 on the sidewalk, are reporting “hate speech” in class when their history book points out that slavery wasn’t purely a white American thing. While they gleefully silence anyone who they don’t like, they’ll scream about their “right to free speech” as they take others’ rights away. I can only hope they grow up one day, or we’ll have the equivalent of a toddler day care in DC one day, with people yelling “shut up, you can’t talk to me any more” and the like in Congress.

Well, enough ranting for now, what’s on your mind?

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Once again, it’s about ignoring what was said, by those you don’t like

The Republican National Convention is over, and while the dust settles, we’re getting endless commentaries on how “horrible” and “ignorant” the voters were to pick Trump, then how “amazingly wonderful” the DNC voters were to pick Hillary, just nothing on the fact that she’s abused power, would be in jail were she not Hillary Clinton, and so much more. Well, just as we saw with Piers Morgan not long ago, John Oliver has decided to educate America as to why we’re all idiots.

Now, I couldn’t finish the video as I could tell I was getting angry, and I don’t like stress like that, so every point isn’t covered, nor are these in any specific order. To start off, just as has happened since she gave the speech, Melania’s “plagiarism” is hot news. Never mind that Michelle took much of her speech from Saul Alinski, or that the “plagiarized” bits were things many people might say (talk about their childhood, their parents, their ethics, etc) but when Melania even sounds like something she said might be close to something Michelle said, she’s “stealing the speech.” Not long after that hype started though, a photo started making the rounds pointing out that her dress was about $135 while Hillary’s jacket was over $10,000, with Melania speaking about prosperity and Hillary about poverty. Well, just as always, as soon as their queen is shown to be a hypocrite, the claws come out. Rather than simply ignore a story they don’t like, it became about how Melania likely didn’t pay for that, someone gave it to her, and so much more. Never mind that Hillary showed she doesn’t care if she’s seen as a hypocrite, Melania shouldn’t plagiarize and we shouldn’t point out that she didn’t show up to speak to people who work hard for their money, wearing a jacket that would pay for a very nice vacation, we are to bow to Hillary, and never question her.

Next, Oliver’s bit and how he just goes on and on, telling us that if we vote for Trump, we’re idiots. He points out that someone from an MMA organization is there to talk about Trump’s business acumen. Naturally, he can’t just point out the topic and speech, but has to make fun of who was chosen to speak. That not being enough, he then insults Antonio Sabato Jr. for saying he doesn’t believe Obama is a Christian. Sabato also said it’s what he believes, and he is not going to force others to believe that, but no, Sabato is a horrible facist who wants to force you to parrot him, just ignore how he said that’s not what he thinks. Well, since he couldn’t ramble on about a less than 20 second sound bite, he goes off on Trump’s evilness. He talks about how he wants a “wall, to keep Mexicans out” after playing a bit from Trump where he talks about convicted violent criminals who’s deportation was ordered, but they’re still here. To the left, that’s the same, anyone who wants to enforce the law wants to stop “poor families who just want a better life” from coming to the US. They must ignore that Mexico has a border barrier on their southern border, that entering Mexico illegally is a guaranteed one way trip to jail, and how no one in the Mexican government cares about speaking English to you, nor will you ever get benefits. So, ignoring all of that, and ignoring that Trump’s comment was about finding CRIMINALS who have been sentenced and deportation ordered, and simply carrying that out, Trump is now a racist.

Moving on, and this will be the end for me since I’m tired of pointing out hypocrisy. Ted Cruz, a 2016 hopeful, gave a speech that was well written and delivered, the only thing he didn’t say was that he implicitly supports and endorses Trump. Now, for a party who has pointed out any time the DNC orders people to ignore what a candidate is doing, or orders them to support one candidate, you’d think a speech about listening to the candidates and voting your conscience wouldn’t be horrible, but no, apparently, the RNC delegates want Cruz tarred and feathered for not bowing to them and doing what they tell him. Trump knew about the speech and didn’t try to stop it, meaning it didn’t bother him. While Oliver apparently equates Trump knowing Cruz wouldn’t completely endorse him is tantamount to the Titanic’s captain knowing about the iceberg in time to turn and saying no, it’s not a big deal! Why must everyone fall lock step into place and verbally say “I support Trump?” Who you vote for is your business, period. I have never nor will I ever tell anyone doing an exit poll who I voted for, you can if you want, but that’s the key, it’s YOUR CHOICE. Why then is it so horrible for Cruz to MAKE UP HIS OWN MIND? Simply put, the RNC is more worried about looking united than actually uniting the party under a banner of common sense, and doing what they say, that being NOT TRYING TO CONTROL PEOPLE.

Finally, there was a lot about how feelings aren’t fact, and how, apparently, nothing said means anything because it had the word feelings in it. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not, but when you “feel the economy is suffering” that’s not an emotional feeling, it’s a real feeling. I feel it in the fact that costs have risen on so many things that even with a good job, I’m living paycheck to paycheck. I don’t feel safe, because out government is trying to import people who have trashed Europe, raped countless women and children, and chant death to America while demanding we give them free crap. You see, you can “feel” something without it being just emotions, well, until you have a man who feels he’s really a woman, then it’s fact, we can’t argue, we must use the gender pronoun he wants, even before he tells us, and he can go into the ladies’ room and we can’t complain. Never mind that he is biologically male, he feels like he’s really a female, so he is, and we can’t argue. Do you see the circular logic and hypocrisy?

Well, I’ve ranted enough, and as I said at the start, I don’t like what stress does to me, so I’m going to turn on an audio book and just work today, as for the rest, it will work out, I just hope it’s before it’s too late.

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Humpday facepalm material

I tend to post about current events, politics and such, more often than other topics. I’ve ranted about general topics, but that’s rare, and it’s what I’m going to address today. For the last 20 to 30 years, the world has fostered a mindset which has at it’s core, the attitude of “I deserve everything, you can’t offend me, you can’t tell me I’m wrong, give me give me give me.” We see it when school sports teams aren’t allowed to cut players and/or are forced to put everyone trying out onto the team, although thankfully this didn’t happen for long. What has stuck around is the idea of “not hurting students’ feelings” so some schools (one very near me) have a policy that if a student shows up and puts their name on an assignment, they pass. Yes, you read that right, just showing up and putting down your name means you pass without needing to even know what class it’s for, and some students won’t even do that. So, is it any wonder we’ve now got a world where people believe assault is an OK response to a comment, property destruction is OK, and that they know what it’s like to be a soldier because they get called names?

I sincerely hope this is fake, but having seen stories about men found to be innocent after years in jail, just because the girl finally got caught admitting she lied, I won’t be shocked if it’s not fake. This girl thought her boyfriend was cheating, so she smashed his computer. This is destruction of property, and if it’s a nice computer, could be a felony based on the value. He points out it was his cousin, so she then says he deserved to be cheated on for not buying her stuff, before finally saying she’s going to tell the cops he raped her. What’s even worse is that it’s all online, and therefore evidence, with or without the “lol u go gurl” comment from a friend. She firmly believes she can destroy something she doesn’t own, and when proven to be wrong as to why she did it, she says she’ll falsely accuse someone, and will bitch, whine, cry and be just ever so horrified that he would dare show her planned false accusation as evidence. This is, simply put, due to the attitudes in the media. We’ve seen the joke on the Simpsons, but it’s no longer just a joke.
The worst of this is that judges are now thinking like this. The rule used to be if you lied to accuse someone, you were the one in the wrong, now, girls are told that even if they consented at the time, even if they instigated the encounter, they can change their minds and it was rape, which means they can do whatever they want. We won’t even bring up the women who claim it is completely impossible for a man to not rape a woman, as “all forms of sexual intercourse are rape,” and how fast they should run off the cliff with the other lemmings.

So the question is a simple one, and sadly, unlikely to be answered or even addressed any time soon. What should be done to people who blatantly admit they’re going to falsely accuse someone of something, people who lie and don’t care that you knew it in advance, they firmly believe they have the right to do what they want with no consequences. Just 30 years ago this would be cause to arrest the liar and charge them with every crime they commit, but today, were the liar arrested the media would be harping on about how they’re being attacked after being victimized. I could perfectly recreate the scenario and they’d not care. Yes, I could get their agreement to recreate it, then destroy their computer and accuse them of cheating. When they point out and prove they weren’t, I then would accuse them of never buying me anything, then tell them flat out I’m going to falsely accuse them of rape. After all that, they’d still not get it, they’d not understand that when someone does this to anyone, it’s wrong, and they can’t decide who the victim is by who is going to cry on TV better, and thus, boost ratings.

All that said, who’s up for colonizing Mars with everyone who proves to be a useless idiot? We’d solve the over population problem, likely world hunger since we’d still be able to produce food, and we’d be a lot less stressed with the journalists, idiot lawyers, useless judges/politicians/etc, and so on just gone. I really don’t even care if we fix Mars up first, just send’em up there.

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Hump day news

I’ve not watched TV news or listened to it on the radio (save the blurbs on whatever station I’ve got going in the car) for quite a few years now. All sides in the “main stream” media are now so biased, I won’t be shocked when it literally becomes a cheer leading session with “you’re side stinks” as the tag line. The left has been screaming about Fox News being nothing but a GOP front for years, and for a while, I defended them as they seemed to show the failings of both parties, even if they were a bit happier to do so when the DNC fell or stumbled. Today however, they almost are just a GOP cheer squad, and we’ve seen how “fair” CNN has been in helping Hillary with her bid for the White House. Well, today is no different in how “fair” things are today, despite the screams from some that their “rights” are being denied, the world seems happy to do that very thing to others, as long as they’re the ones who are currently “evil racist and sexist bigots,” which of course is something the vast unwashed minority tells them about people, and thus, who to attack. Today’s stories prove that the inmates are running the asylum, and are now armed and unwilling to go back to their rooms.

First, The NY Times needs to learn what hypocrisy is, and how to spot it in their stories. When reporting about a pool policy in Toronto, wherein only muslim women and girls are allowed to swim, due to the requirement they dress very modestly around men they are not related or married to, it’s all sunshine and daisies. The pool and city are “inclusive” for helping a group that otherwise could not enjoy the public pool do just that. In New York, when a public pool does the very same thing for orthodox Jews, well, let’s just say being compared to concentration camp operators wouldn’t be much further from the story. It’s “unfortunate” and only a step away from the a return to the days of the Sanhedrin and people being forced to worship in a Synagogue. The saddest part is that were you to show these stories, side by side with the faith and location redacted, the Times would likely “stand behind their reporters.” You could even swap the locations and faiths, and they’d attack you for “islamophobia” and “working to let the Jews force people into their religion.” There was a time when the NYT was a viable and respected publication, but today they are little more than a mouthpiece for the ultra-liberals in society, and they not only don’t care, they don’t even see it.

Next, we have the government blatantly acting to force religious institutions to violate their faith. I can guarantee if there were a muslim college, they wouldn’t even be required to offer insurance, as they “object on religious grounds” When it’s a Catholic run college, and thus, run by “evil, bigoted Christians, who just want to subjugate the world and force conversion by saying God Bless, or Merry Christmas, or wearing a cross pendant,” well, they need to respect the law and comply. It’s not only Catholics that object to being forced to fund abortion, Judaism, Islam, and non-Catholic Christians also believe abortion is wrong. So far, it’s only California that’s doing this, but it won’t be long before the Feds begin ordering people to not question them, and we’ve already seen an elected official calmly tell the people she is supposed to represent that in order to find out what’s in a law, it has to be passed first. Sorry Nancy, but you’re completely backward there, and you know it. The left, for years, has demanded to know every little snippet in laws proposed by conservatives, but when their exalted leader decides that he is going to not only force the country to spend more money for less, but also refuses to even consider anything else until that’s done, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it,” and no one in the media saw anything wrong with someone elected to pass laws saying we aren’t allowed to know what it says until it’s law.

Finally, societal changes are hitting more and more rapidly, and most are in the form of “shut up, you’re offending me” and then cries for all but public flogging and crucifixion for said “crime.” First in this section is this story where protesters, who by all reports, were peaceful, being kicked off the University of Southern Missouri campus, for the horrid act of having the Missouri state flag. This is just the latest in pandering to those who whine loudest, as that flag does have a small version of the Confederate Battle Flag in it’s design. Several colleges have already stated they will not fly their own state flag, including University of Missouri, presumably to avoid cries of “racist” and so on. While this happens, in other states, students swarm flagpoles to take the U.S. flag down and fly a foreign country’s flag, or all but attack students wearing U.S. flag designs, but no, we just ensure no one can claim racism where it doesn’t exist. Naturally, after police forced a group exercising their right to peacefully assemble off of a public university campus, the school stated that the police were mistaken and the flag isn’t banned. Sorry folks, Police aren’t stupid, they wouldn’t have acted unless they had been told to, and would not have told people that the state flag of Missouri was banned on campuses IN MISSOURI. This is the same as saying “we’re sorry, it shouldn’t have happened, now run along and don’t sue, or tell anyone.” The college is backpedaling and trying to save face, but I for one hope it backfires and they see students leaving in droves, or at least story after story about how colleges are banning their own state flag. While this is going on, another form of silencing anyone who disagrees is happening on the White House Facebook page. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that when I find a post I like, I share it and like it, just as I vote up videos I like on youtube, so they are seen as popular and more likely to be seen by others. This however, is a very extreme form of that, as only about 250 profiles are posting repeatedly, and in doing so, making sure that only positive things are visible on the WH Facebook while their messiah is in office. Were this to happen when GW Bush was in office, it would be “rabid redneck conservatives are silencing people trying to show the evil that is Bush” but when it’s Obama, it’s just short of being part of the choir of angels and only helping others see the great man.

I’ve said it before, and I will continue to do so as long as I’m breathing. We are headed to hell in a rocket powered hand cart, and we lost our brakes long ago. The world is so focused on not offending this group or that, that we offend large groups and tell them it’s in the name of progress. We have schools telling elementary students that simply praying silently is a violation of the Constitution, while a U.S. Judge tells a religious institution they can’t opt out of covering abortion, or a city mayor telling pastors they must submit their sermons or be arrested. While screaming about separation of Church and State (which is not anywhere in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence) they interfere with Church matters right and left. While screaming about freedom of speech on Twitter or Facebook, they tell people that the Second Amendment only applies to firearms that existed in 1776, not seeing the idiocy of that statement. I’ve actually told someone who said that, that if that’s true, the First Amendment only applies to hand written letters and newspapers printed the same way as in 1776, only to be called an idiot and told to go back to school. They honestly cannot see that saying “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” only applies to muskets and other firearms available in 1776 is the exact same as saying that freedom of speech and the press is only spoken word, letters or newspapers. If we don’t do something to turn this back to what we were only 30 years ago, when the government was small and functioned, we will see the end of the U.S. in my lifetime.

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Friday linkfest rant

Well, it wouldn’t be a normal Friday for me if I didn’t have at least a few stories that are making me consider packing up and moving to an island with SAMs and 50cal chain guns to ensure I’m left alone.

First is this one, where Obama’s Civil Rights Director actually makes the claim that not allowing someone who is biologically male to use the women’s restroom is “against American values.” You read that right, it’s now unpatriotic to not want a man in the same restroom, locker room, shower room, ect as you, or worse, where young girls may be. We’ve already seen, well before Obama’s illegal edict about public schools, men pretending to be women to set up cameras or just otherwise ogle women, now they’re protected as long as they “identify” as a woman. How long until one “identifies as a woman who only feels attracted to other women” so “she” was just admiring women “she” found attractive?

Next, this shocking news from the southern border. It seems a rather liberal reporter was sent to south Texas to ask people what they wanted done about illegal immigration. With the rhetoric and propaganda flowing full force to discredit Trump, I’m sure they expected people to give “feel good” responses about “making it safe for people fleeing horrible lives” or some other BS. Well, I’m not shocked at all when people who live where the drugs and gangs are most active want a wall built. You’ll also notice that it needed it to be “tied to some compassion.” Sorry folks, the laws already are, if you come to the border and surrender to the Border Patrol, telling them your life is in danger, they are NOT going to say “sorry, go back.” Yes, you may spend time in a holding cell, but if you’re truly in fear of dying, I’d think a holding cell guarded by Federal Agents might be rather comforting. Every other country on the planet has a method for preventing illegal immigration, even if it’s as harsh as jailing you with no trial, no representation, and no likelihood of ever going home (Mexico for example,) but we’re being TOLD, almost ORDERED to just let our borders be open to anyone, and WHEN that results in rape, murder, or worse, we’re told that’s no reason to close our borders to illegal crossing. Sorry, I don’t care what someone in another country, who’s economy depends on money sent there by those here, working illegally, says.

It’s not just illegals though, that we need to watch out for. It seems two men were doused in gasoline and set on fire by a black man, and other than a few journals I subscribe to, I’ve heard NOTHING on this. The Police have the suspect and he’s charged with attempted manslaughter and reckless endangerment, so at least the Police aren’t worried about cries of “racist cops arrest poor black man” when some cock and bull story about the “racist whites deserving it” surfaces.

Finally, just more proof that our legal system is broken. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that self defense is not a justifiable reason to carry a weapon. Yes, you heard that right, a Federal Judge has now told America that just because you want to keep breathing, you’re going to need a better reason to get a handgun license. Thankfully, some states are fighting back, but sadly, 9 states have jumped on this bandwagon, and have agreed that their citizens’ lives are worthless. WHEN the murders begin happening that could have been stopped, I can guarantee that this will be “a case of a criminal not heeding the law to not carry a weapon” rather than what it actually is, a situation where the government caused a citizen to die by disarming them.

But enough from me, what are your thoughts?

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Three for today, well, one big one and two others

First and foremost is this story Queens, New York. A veteran teacher is suspended after a student threatened her, and she had the audacity to speak up. Yes, her words were “extreme,” but if someone much larger than you was threatening massive harm on your body, would you just sit back as if nothing was happening? To me, the real insult is the non-punishment this student received. The student has, apparently, a long history of being a disruptive influence, but no, let’s let him lie and get a veteran teacher kicked out. We see screams for body cams for cops to “curb the racist violence” so why not put cameras in classrooms? For the same reason cameras will be decried as “bad” or “faulty” when they begin showing the thugs who try to kill cops doing just that, rather than the “poor innocent teen just trying to buy a soda.”

On the tail of that story is a brilliant meme that utterly destroys the “all whites are racist and all non-whites are beaten down all the time” idiocy. Al (not so) Sharpton claims, daily, that racism is horrible, as if he’s not allowed into diners, or is forced to use a separate bathroom. Well, if he was such a target, why isn’t he in jail for his MASSIVE tax bill? Simple, he’s got friends in high places, lawyers to distract those he can’t pay off, and will likely end up pardoned by the apologizer in chief later this year.

Finally, Trump’s 2nd Amendment plan has people up in arms. Naturally, it’s because he’s (a) white, (b) Republican, (c) can’t be bought off, and (d) doesn’t tow the “all guns are evil and possess people to do evil things” party line. Oddly enough, he’s saying most of the things (save the “take away everyone’s guns” bit) that the left wants. He wants to get guns away from criminals (not legal owners,) fix the background checks, and fix the failed (not failing, failed) mental health system. If Hillary or Bernie was saying it, the media would be praising their vast intelligence, but when Trump does, well, we know how “fair and balanced” the “main stream” media is, don’t we?

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A question for today

I get calls from telemarketers all the time, and I’ve gotten pretty good at bugging them so much they hang up. If they have an American or Indian accent, I just start saying random words in German, otherwise I just mute my mic and see how long they last before they hang up. But, the question I have is why these still go on today. I got a call today, no voicemail left, so they just got blocked when I tracked down the information. This one is apparently a scam involving the caller telling the person they call that an insurance payment failed, obviously in hopes of getting a credit card number. The last one I received and answered (they just happened to be calling from the same city as someone I was waiting to talk to) told me that my computer had a virus and they needed access to take care of it. In the first situation, one person who reported this said the caller wouldn’t answer questions such as what company they work for, while in my case, they specifically said your Windows PC, and argued with me when I told them I don’t have a PC any more. At the end, I said (verbatim) “take my number off your list or I will sue you. I told you I do not own a Windows PC and you then all but called me a liar. I will not be insulted, and will sue you personally, your company, and anyone else possible if you ever call me again.” I blocked the number after that, as I don’t want to worry about it, since I know they’ll call back later with another scam. But, why are these still happening? Do we truly have people so stupid that they believe these things? What do you think?

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So, an old question, just in a new way

I recently came across a social media thread that started out with someone yelling about how they hate Minecraft, superhero movies and Beyonce, only to be told to focus on what they like, rather than what they hate. When the person says they like Donald Trump, however, the person saying not to hate, well, we’ve seen what happens when someone says they like Trump, right?

So, in a wider sense, here is my question. Why is it “wrong” for one group to “hate” something, simply by not agreeing with or praising those who do, while the other side is “just standing up for equality” when they go completely off the deep end and all but murder people for “intolerance” or “hate?”

I’ve asked this in several ways in several different places, and only get hate and worse back, but the question is still valid. How does my personal belief system, my being a Christian, “deny rights” to anyone? I am not (nor ever will be) an elected official (I like my hair and health.) I hope to never again be in a position to hire/fire, and thus, I’m not responsible or involved in any way in who works for the company I work for. When I was in management, however, my primary foci were appearance (clothing and grooming) and ability. If you adhered to dress code (if there was one, if not, if you dressed appropriately for the job) and could do the job, that’s all I cared about. Oddly enough, the only two people I’ve ever fired, were white males.

Sadly, every time I’ve asked this question, even being as specific as to say “my person belief, not a manager, not a politician, just me specifically,” all I get in return is hate, and barely coherent rambling hate at that. I’m told loudly that “Christians are holding back equality,” am shouted down about how “Christians want to force women into back alley abortions only,” and when I “dare” try to interrupt (meaning I try to speak in reply to a comment when they pause) I’m simply shouted down.

I’m sorry folks, equality is a good thing in many respects, but not achievable in all. In hiring, it’s great, let qualifications decide who is hired. In other respects, you can’t have a right to free speech and silence others, that’s not equal, that’s simply giving total control to the loudest complainers. While funny in a “we’re going to hell in a handcart” way, the student screaming obscenities at the speaker then chanting “keep your hate speech off our campus,” who has now been dubbed Trigglypuff, is a sign of the times. These people firmly believe that by just calling something “hate speech” they are fully capable of forcing you to leave. This doesn’t just apply to racism or sexism discussions, you could suggest that by lowering income tax, and thus putting more money in the bank accounts of citizens, you’d actually see more money going to government through luxury taxes and the like, and they’ll happily call you names, then when you protest, it’s “hate speech” and “trying to censor their free speech.”

So, the final question here, how, if at all possible, do we turn this around from people who are so convinced that simply calling anything they don’t like or agree with “hate speech” doing anything they want, to what we were only 30 years ago, a country where freedoms were actually what they were laid out as?

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One for tonight (and two questions I’ve been asked get answered)

OK, first, the questions. I doubt many (save close friends) know that I blogged from 2004 to about 2006 when school heated up after I returned to college and was done with the basic stuff. Now, I’ve been back blogging again since December of 2014, and I’ve been asked why, since the vast majority of bloggers have moved to Facebook, and just use Twitter to help get their stuff seen. To answer that simply, I like the WordPress interface, as I’m able to use HTML (yes, I actually studied HTML way back in the 1990’s) to make the posts a bit more “professional” in appearance. I have linked the blog to a FB page and to a Twitter feed, and I’m sure that the vast majority of any views are there, not on the actual blog, at least to start.

The other question I get asked the most is, why do this at all? Simply put, I won’t sit idly by and let this country just crash and burn. The topic I’ve picked for tonight is a great example of that, so let’s just roll into it and you’ll get your answer to this question.

In a speech at UMass Amherst, students shouted and cursed at the speaker, at one point chanting “keep your hate speech off our campus.” Sadly, this is not random or new, children are taught very young that if something “offends” them then it should be done away with. Sports teams aren’t allowed to reject any try out, nor are they allowed to cut players, as this would “hurt the young athlete’s feelings.” When this happens, the coach is simultaneously told, at least subtly, that they still must win as much as possible. Teachers aren’t to “hurt feelings” with words like fail or by using red ink (that last one, thankfully appears to have quickly been forgotten) since students need to be built up, not torn down by words like fail, when they fail an assignment. Well, where does this lead to? Here is where it leads. Students who’ve been coddled and made to feel as if they rule the universe for so long, that saying something they don’t agree with is “hate speech,” or where a chalk writing of the name Trump “frightens” them so badly they “feel threatened and unsafe.”

I’m sorry princess, but you aren’t the only person on the planet, and not everyone agrees with every piece of crap drivel that comes out of the hole in your face. It is not hate speech for me to say I feel that a male who “identifies as female” should not be allowed in the women’s restroom, as young children use those too. We’ve seen, before and after cities/businesses/schools allow this officially, people doing this so they can video or otherwise ogle the others in the restroom. At this point, I feel the only way to stop this lunacy is to get rid of multi stall restrooms and go to single person rooms. Of course, this will be decried as “wrong” and as “separating people based on their lifestyle” even WHEN rapes will have happened, as the idiots screaming this, just as the idiot SJW above screams about hate speech. I attended 3 rather large, public, colleges in north TX, so you’d think I’d have been in a rather conservative environment, being Texas, but you’d be wrong.

I won’t name the schools, but I was called a racist bigot while discussing classical vs supply side economics, I’ve been almost punched while debating historical comments, and I’ve been grabbed when I walked away, only to have the idiot who grabbed me claim I assaulted them when I simply got to within an inch of touching them and stared at them until they backed off. In the latter two cases, campus PD was present (we were in the outdoor areas, which were patrolled regularly) so nothing happened. At another time, after only a few seconds, some idiot began shouting whenever I would begin to speak, so I simply wrote out “if you refuse to allow me to speak, you are automatically wrong, and lose this argument.” They of course began shouting that I was wrong, that I needed to be silenced since I was promoting hate (how they got that from the 3 seconds I was able to be heard is amazing,) and how they’d “have be expelled for my obvious racism and hate.” Naturally, nothing came of it, as the Debate sponsor was having lunch with me and the rest of the team, and after silencing the moron, told him that by Robert’s Rules of Order, if you deny your opponent the ability to speak, you are disqualified, at which point he called her a stupid bitch, and stormed off. Comically, he then was surprised to find her as his Speech teacher the next semester, and was eventually expelled for his idiocy in class.

So, here’s the closing bit to all of this, and the ultimate answer to why I keep up with this. When you look around at people who firmly believe they have a right to resort to vulgarity and shouting down anyone who disagrees with them, at a world where if you don’t tow the constantly changing party line, you’re instantly a racist/sexist/bigot/etc, and at a world where people scream racism or sexism for not voting for this candidate simply because of their race/sex, but who then grow angry when you point out that another candidate, who is a woman or minority (or minority woman in the case of Condoleeza Rice) and who was basically run out on a rail, they instantly cry that you’re “stifling them” or “attacking them,” would you sit by and let the world be run by those idiots, or would you do all you can to shine the light of day on them, expose their attempt to impose a draconian standard on the world, and hopefully, push the idiocy back for even a short time?

I can tell you, I won’t sit idle, I can’t say how much I’ll accomplish, but I would rather go out fighting, than on my back in compliance.

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More from the “all about me” crowd

I’ve written and commented many times about criminals suing their victims, and about how Presidential hopeful Clinton wants to expand that, allowing victims to sue the maker of whatever firearm was used. Interestingly enough, no one has yet to even respond when that is expanded to allowing victims of DWI accidents to sue the company that made the car. I’m expecting the “but a car isn’t designed to be a weapon” or “cars aren’t all made in the U.S.” arguments, as I will be able to counter with “firearms weren’t designed to be a weapon against man” and “not all firearms are made in the U.S.”

I can hear the question already, and while yes, firearms were quickly picked up after their invention by Military forces all over the world, but they were designed as a means of hunting and self defense. A baseball bat is meant as a sporting tool, a hammer as a construction tool, and a crow-bar as a means of opening things, yet all can just as easily be used as a weapon to kill. While I will maintain that suing whoever manufactured the firearm, or car, is idiotic, I’ll actually agree that the DWI example actually has someone other than the driver who might be at fault, the person who helped the driver get drunk, be it a bartender, or store that sold to someone already drunk, seeing as it actually is a crime to serve to or past the point of intoxication, or to sell to an intoxicated person.

Thankfully, not all cases where the criminal sues their victim end with the criminal winning, and in fact, it’s still a very low number where the crook wins, although I think it should be disallowed to sue the very person/people you attempted to rob/attack/kill, even winning the case isn’t the end. The case linked above is one where a man broke into someone’s home, and was shot in the process of robbing them, late at night. So, very dark, attacker is much larger than the resident, but they shouldn’t have shot him until after he’d killed them. Number four on this list is even crazier, as a burgler who SHOT THE HOMEOWNER is suing since the man fired back. Yes, you read that right. In that case, the burgler basically held the home owner hostage, not letting him leave a certain spot, eventually letting him go to the bathroom, only firing when he spotted that the man was now armed, HITTING HIM IN THE JAW, at which point the victim fired back. The criminal lived, and sued for “negligent” use of a firearm, as if him shooting an older man in the face was responsible.

While I whole heartedly agree that even letting these suits get to a courtroom (or all but a very select few) is stupid, until judges start not only ruling in favor of the victim, but also protecting them from the almost always crippling debt that follows, criminals will continue to sue, just because they can. The coups de grace for this little foray into insanity, is the number one item in the 5 victims story. It seems a man was driving on a foggy night, near homes, at nearly 90mph. As the driver was sober, he at least didn’t get a sixth DWI charge, but he did sue. He alleged that the parents were irresponsible since the child wasn’t wearing a helmet, that the child jumped off a ramp into the road, and that due to fog, he didn’t see the child. One wonders how he saw that the child wasn’t wearing a helmet or that he’d been jumping off a ramp due to the fog. To me, this is the ultimate middle finger to grieving parents. A man not only doesn’t deny that he hit and killed a child, but then has the gall to say it wasn’t his fault, but was either the parents’ or the child’s. This not only should never have seen a courtroom, this man should never again see sunlight.

Enough ranting from me, what do you think?

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And here we see the response that we expect

It seems that, just as we expect, liberals won’t allow dissent. In this one a mother dressed up as a pirate, a Mexican and as Russell Wilson, asking “does this make me” then asked how clothing can make a man a woman. While many agreed and praised her dead on logic, others found it “horrible” or “offensive” that she would even consider posting it, so they reported her post for “offensive content” and LIED (I know, shocking) about the photos, saying they contained nudity. She responded that she would not remove them, as they contained no nudity at all, and of course Facebook removed them anyway. Now, I can’t say which it is, as Facebook has horrible service to begin with, but whether they just didn’t verify anything and remove anything reported, or whether they knew the post was well within guidelines and removed it anyway, well, they’re both very bad options, and reasons why Facebook won’t last much longer.

Here’s the crux of the matter. The left wants to scream about how the right is “forcing religion on them” and “forcing and outdated moral code” on them, while doing the very same. They scream that not letting a cross dressing man use the women’s room is “denying freedom” while then screaming WHEN that cross dressing man turns out to be a pervert. They scream that they want tolerance and freedom, then in the next breath are silencing anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s very simple, you either agree with and praise them, or you’re the enemy and they will do all they can to destroy you. Thankfully, they’re the ones who hate guns and find a chalk scribble of Trump’s name so frightening they need counseling, so it won’t be much of a destruction, but that won’t always be the case.

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How long until these are “right wing nuts trying to cripple freedom?”

Yet again, we are seeing the exact outcome that conservatives predicted, and now I’m waiting on the liberals to find a way to make it a conservative’s fault. I wrote <a href=″ target=”_blank”>this just over six months ago, pointing out how public schools (not colleges either) are now being targeted with demands that restrooms be open to anyone who identifies as that gender. When all of this began, many pointed out that this was just begging for a pervert to suddenly identify as a woman and use that to prey on those they could. Well, here are two stories where that very thing happened. First, a man used a women’s locker room, while the second had a man setting up a camera in the women’s restroom. Now, in this case, apparently, the man simply disrobed as he changed before and after a swim, but not the bit where it’s mentioned he was there when YOUNG GIRLS were changing for swim class. So far, no one has been arrested, so I’m just waiting for the story about how this man is now in jail after assaulting someone, then the outcry from the family, to be met with indifference from the left before they scream about freedom.

The second story does feature an arrest, thankfully, although the person was able to set up and use a camera for some time before he was caught. This is only one way that allowing people to choose which restroom they want to use can be horrible. Naturally, pointing out stories like this makes you a bigot, sexist, etc and you’re the problem not those misusing the policy. Next the people misusing this policy will be “plants” by the right wing to make this look bad so they can go back to forcing morality on others. Some, like Kroger have put up a sign saying somewhat nicely that the single person restroom is unisex, but the others are not. Personally, that is the only logical option in my mind, because to let anyone use any restroom they want will only end with one side or the other complaining. Parents of small children will be “bigots” when they complain that their minor child was exposed to something a child shouldn’t be exposed to, while the “poor, downtrodden LGBT community” will be “traumatized” by the fact that people just don’t understand.

It’s simple, restrooms are not for you to pick based on how you identify, they’re about what type of plumbing you have, plain and simple. When you let everyone choose, stories like the above will happen, and women who use the men’s room will have their problems too. I personally don’t think it will be long before a woman using the men’s room will have been “assaulted” in some way, although she won’t be able to remember what the attacker looked like, there will be no evidence, she will have no injuries, but it was assault and she should be given money for pain and suffering. This isn’t a slippery slope people, it’s the edge of a cliff!

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More of the same

First, comes a story involving a Marine who requested his daughter not take lessons “promoting Islam” then was openly critical of such classes. I will say that he’s not correct when quoting the First Amendment with regards to these classes. That amendment states “CONGRESS shall not make any law….” not that no one is allowed, outside of their personal life, to promote one religion over another. It’s not a violation of the Constitution for a school to do that, it’s just morally wrong to push that agenda, regardless of the faith being pushed, in a school. He also maintains he did not threaten anyone at the school, but only “threatened” to take his concerns to the media, after which he was banned from the campus, and thus, commencement exercises, which I would only support if he was threatening physical harm on someone. Naturally, the school “cannot comment” and claims they haven’t even seen his appeal to lift the ban, and one must wonder if they’ll finally see it the day after his Daughter graduates. Will they not allow video recording? I’m sorry, but in cases like this, I’m more skeptical of the school than the parent, as I’ve seen far too many stories about children told they cannot pray, after school groups told they can’t have Bible study, and schools requiring kids to “be muslim for a week” while also removing all references to Christianity.

Next, from Canada, the government has overturned a man’s will for wanting to establish a scholarship for straight white men and non feminist straight females. From the story, it’s “against official policy” for a private citizen to ask that of his estate, but not for public colleges to have scholarships that straight white men cannot get! I understand the reasons quote, and I understand they’re invalid. When anyone tries to help straight white men or non-feminist straight women, it’s instantly “sexist” or “a throwback to the KKK” but it’s perfectly OK to have BILLIONS flow through the NAACP, most into the pockets of men like not-so-Sharpton or Jackson, but some going to college scholarships, for only black students. I’m sorry, when you either deliberately favor only one race, or deliberately ignore one race, THAT’S RACIST, but then again, according to the media and the apparent feelings of society, only whites can be racist today.

Finally, while it appears the two people who attacked a Marine after they yelled at him asking if he “thought black lives mattered,” it appears hate crime charges won’t be made. Personally, this seems the worst of the lot, as a Marine was struck in the back of the head with a firearm, then kicked until and after losing consciousness, then robbed. The others are bad enough on their own, but we also appear to live in a country where you can freely attack someone who isn’t black, and get nothing more than the minimum charges! I hope these two are glad they got that first shot in, since the Marine would not have gone down easy otherwise, and they’d be the ones screaming he “attacked them because they’re black” then screamed that the video had obviously been edited to make them look bad because they’re black, and the media would have run with it. But, when they can’t even act innocent, we don’t even get crickets chirping from them. I’d say I’ll watch this as it progresses, but it will be completely gone in record time.

So, your thoughts?

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I’m in danger of sounding like a broken record

But to be honest, I can’t help it. I run this blog for two reasons, the primary reason being that I can rant and such here, somewhat privately, but also to comment on society and the issues we face today. Sadly, today’s issues all boil down to one thing, selfishness. In less than 30 years, we have changed from a country where people worked for their income, studied hard for good grades, and generally treated each other respectfully. Yes, as with any society of humans, there were problems, but overall, we had a solid society and were generally happy. Economically we were strong, taxes were low and life was good. Today, taxes are high, incomes aren’t enough to cover more than just living paycheck to paycheck, and people generally spend their time complaining that they can’t get a “good job” despite having no education, or that they “deserve” this or that.

To start off, a general look the situation. Racism/sexism is the biggest issue that people say causes all issues, but when you look at the issue they say is the problem, you can quickly get to the real root, and it’s selfishness. White men are told, often very loudly and vulgarly, that they are racist or sexist simply because they are white men. Black teens rob stores then claim they were arrested only because they’re black, while a city tore it’s self apart after a Police Officer wasn’t arrested for defending his life. Not long after that, two NYPD officers were shot, execution style, by a black man, and almost nothing was said or done, ultimately causing the NYPD to stand and turn their backs on the Mayor when he showed up at the funerals.

Students are being taught that this is normal, that “white men are racist and sexist” while the same university will admit a female or minority student who has horrible grades over a white male with a perfect 4.0 GPA, to avoid appearing racist or sexist. Some people joke about it, as I saw today on Imgur but I don’t think the person who asked the question in that first image as a joke. They fully believe that a store having no men on staff is “sexist” and if you point out that no men apply, they will just say the store either threw those away or ran the men off before they can apply. They are so sure of their own infallibility and perfection that if they told you it was raining, and you show them they’re wrong, they attack you. Now the big question, why is this so, and the answer is as simple as it is upsetting.

We’ve taught children this for more than 20 years. It started in the mid 1990’s, first with participation trophies rather than just a sticker or something, but a trophy. Next it was teachers being told to not hurt students’ feelings, rather than ensure students learn the material. Some schools removed red ink, others told teachers they couldn’t say a student failed an assignment, others told coaches that if someone tries out, they make the team and must be allowed to play. Children were taught that all they have to do is want something and they get it, or that if they complain, they’ll be passed. The ultimate result is what we see today, and is no more evident than with this story. It seems U of Oregon is contemplating removing MLK’s I Have a Dream quote, since it only mentions color, and is thus discriminatory against trans students, and thus, wrong. Yes, you read that right, MLK had a dream that all people would be judged by the content of their character, not by anything else. He was fighting for equal rights for non whites in the south, so he used that in his speech, but the crux of it is that the only factor in making a decision about someone is that person’s actions and character, but by not seeing 50 years into the future and including groups now demanding special treatment, he was discriminating, and is now accused of being what he fought against.

So, what’s next? Will we see people not allowed to buy a certain color car because it upsets someone? Twain’s quote is more applicable today than ever. Granted he said “Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.” but that applies to so much today. Restaurants are told they can’t serve bacon because Muslims don’t eat bacon, schools are told they must do this or that, often for a single student. Where will it end, sadly I don’t know but I see it ending badly. Hopefully it will “end badly” in that we’ll wake up and tell these groups that they already have equality, and to stop demanding special treatment, but I’m not holding my breath for that. No, the far more likely scenario is that it will get worse, ending with people being hired for jobs they can’t do, and never being fired because they “have a right” to the job they want, which will lead to businesses leaving the U.S. or going out of business. Wal-Mart is already closing hundreds of stores after giving wage increases. It’s of course the “evil Wal Mart” that would rather lay people off than pay a fair wage, but those of us with a brain know that if you increase pay, you can’t keep everything else the same. Sadly, those with a functioning brain are badly outnumbered by those who just demand everything be given to them.

Your thoughts?

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