Professional Information

To open, I know that this website is rather basic, simple text on a screen. I do not, personally, have the time at the moment, to devote to developing one which, honestly, is simply here to be an introduction to those who are curious, or to direct them to a page which explains what I am interested in regarding business partnerships. Ultimately, yes, I will be re-writing these pages, making them more visibly appealing, but as I am occupied with finishing the construction on my home, aiding my parents with several things, and my full time job, I simply ask that anyone visiting this page indulge me as I have to prioritize things in my life, thank you.

I am currently not willing to open myself up to monetization on TikTok, as I firmly believe this is what caused my first account with them, which violated no terms of service or rules they demand everyone follow, to be shadowbanned to the point it's now useless.  Naturally, TikTok has not taken official action, videos that are taken down are restored after I appeal and ask "did you watch the video?" or quietly restored a day after they are taken down, but these actions ensure my account is useless.

All of this said, I am open to business partnerships with quality companies.  My personal politics are not part of this desire, unless the company wishes to work with people based on political schools of thought.  An example of this would be a group such as The Daily Wire or Turning Point USA working with conservatives more than other groups, while others may wish to only work with those of more liberal leanings.  Personally, I am not worried about this, as I fully accept there are companies that I may disagree wtih politically, who do not let politics get involved in their business, choosing simply to market their products, and let their products speak for themselves.

Moving forward, what am I currently doing that may be of interest to possible sponsors/parters?

First, I shave my head regularly, skull shavers are more popular today than in the last several years, and as my hair is both rather thick/coarse, and grows rapidly, I shave at least every eighteen hours.  With this in mind, I feel I would be able to not only use a product and provide honest reviews, but also speak to potential customers.

I am a student of history and an educator at heart, meaning groups such as TPUSA or those like them, which seek to address issues that, frankly, I also see have become issues due to a lack of quality education, and I are likely good partners.

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, I literally grew up on technology.  From visiting computer lab in Kindergarten, and continuing to learn about, and how to use computers each year thereafter until graduating high school as a self taught HTML writer, to playing video games beginning with Pong, Calecovision, Nintendo, Playstation, XBox, and many other platforms.  Believing as my Grandparents all did, that age is simply a number until your body can't be convinced of that, I enjoy games still, from mobile/tablet games, to puzzles, to games such as Breath of the Wild, which draw the player into a new world.

Finally, having worked as a detention deputy for my county Sheriff as a young adult, to later serving several years on my local Volunteer Fire Department until an injury and moving ended that part of my life, security and safety is a large part of my life.  From teaching how to tie knots to create a shelter, sling, or sled to carry a patient, to putting out a fire, or setting a bone if you can't wait, I see so many products that people see, but may not fully understand the reason they exist.  Having been both Law Enforcement and Fire Service, I see them and see their intended purpose and their value to society.  Likewise, companies like Slimply Safe, which offer people an affordable alternative to the "big dogs" in home security, and thus, I feel I can bring a point of view that may not be represented by many, if any at all.

This long winded way of selling myself now at an end, anyone who wishes to contact me via email, please allow at least 5 business days for a reply as I also work a day job.