Some time back, Kall Me Kris put up 3 videos, 2 of Riley, one an alarm one a ring tone, one of Sergei and Misha as a ring tone. Just last night, Captain Deplorable put out a ring tone immitating President Trump's voice. Naturally, these are videos on Tik Tok, and not just a simple drag'n'drop move to a phone, but I've had to change up how I make tones since Mac changed iTunes, and having a family member with an Android phone, I create those too. That said, below are the files, the M4R being for iPhone, the MP3 is for droid, of course. For iPhone users, you would open Explorer, Finder or iTunes, then simply go to the Sync Setup and drag the M4R over and drop onto the phone. So, ENJOY!
From Kriss HC

Riley Alarm iPhone

Riley Alarm MP3

Riley Ringer iPhone

Riley Ringer MP3

Sergei/Mischa RT iPhone

Sergei/Mischa RT MP3

From Captain Deplorable

Trump RT iPhone

Trump RT MP3

From TheyCallMeToby

Why Are Chickens Awesome iPhone

Why Are Chickens Awesome MP3

Scream iPhone

Scream MP3

From Karen

Thank God I Ain't A Democrat iPhone

Thank God I Ain't A Democrat MP3

The Lady Victoria

Celcic Dulcimer

Celtic Dulcimer

Hedwig's Theme Dulcimer

Hedwig's Theme Dulcimer MP3

Zelda Dulcimer

Zelda Dulcimer MP3

Tetris Dulcimer

Tetris Dulcimer MP3


Duck Shanty MP3

Duck Shanty iPhone


TVA 1 iPhone


TVA 2 iPhone